Light student square substrates

Light student square substrates
Designs: Vuông để bàn
The size: 31 x 18 x 20
Weigh: 550g
The voltage: 220V
Power: 15W
Made in: Việt Nam
Warranty: 24 tháng
Student desk lamp 
Table lamp is a product indispensable in academic angle, working angle of anyone. Lighting plays a very important role in improving the quality of work, study, affect the eye sight. In fact, many people do not pay attention to choosing the lighting, even just paying attention to the shape of the design, the color of the lamp without regard to the quality of the lamp light. This action affects the user's vision, especially children. According to statistics from the Central Eye Hospital, now they have one every 2 young children suffer from myopia or refractive errors of the eye. The reason is largely because parents have not paid adequate attention to the prevention and eye protection for children.

The maximum height of the lamp is 50 cm with adjustable lamp need flexibility, combined lampshade standard design limits glare mode.
Modern design, fashion, light body can change direction, rotation angle flexibility.
Body long and cover shoot anti-dazzle lamp.
Buttons compact, easy to manipulate.
Led Table Lamp uses the Compact for light or natural, realistic colors, matching spectral sensitivity of the eye.
Compact lamp has the advantage of saving energy. LED is the perfect match between the quality of incandescent light, power-saving features.
As a wise consumer, choose the best product for your family!
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