Bathroom heating lamp 3bulb - carved flower Milor ML 6003H

Bathroom heating lamp 3bulb - carved flower Milor ML 6003H
Thông số kỹ thuật
Kích thước: 55 x 30 x 25
Trọng lượng: 1.5kg
Điện áp: 220V
Công suất: 825W
Xuất xứ:
Bảo hành:
Thông tin chi tiết
Why heat lamps heating the bathroom is not drying?

Bath heating lamp lights Infrared heating is particularly good for health and non-drying. If light is the halogen lamp will burn oxygen and that means you will be dry skin on contact.
The characteristics of light infrared heating bath:
Infrared light is radiated light not visible wavelength range from 760nm 400.000nm to, sources with the higher temperature of infrared radiation with a wavelength smaller. Infrared is heat radiation high, also known as heat radiation, so the effect of infrared heat mainly effects.
In areas affected by the infrared heat will vasodilatation skin red heat like other methods, should have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, chronic muscle softens. The level of penetration of infrared radiation into the body is generally very poor, only about 1-3mm.

Sauna with infrared
The effects of infrared rays:
Because infrared heat through agricultural work through the skin of about 3 mm, this light heats up the skin in place, increased skin temperature, dilated blood vessels in place. Due to phenomenal increase local blood flow and local temperature increase leads to spread heat throughout the body and increases the body temperature.
Infrared has healing effects muscles, bones, joints, relieves pain, bruises. When using infrared light shines light wounds will help relieve pain and control muscle spasms, dilates vessels, dissolving blood bruising, increased metabolism and nutrition site.
Infrared also add effects to edit beauty, and is also widely used in the beauty salons center, ...
And nothing better than to let Molik help you build bastions of health protection for the whole family in this winter and even the cold season after another. All detailed information, please contact us directly to the telephone number: +84 978 977 713 for free advice!

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