Students Against Macro LED - Long ball MILOR ML 7003

Students Against Macro LED - Long ball MILOR ML 7003
Designs: Lamps rounded soles
The size: 142 x 215 x 415
Weigh: 620 g
Lamp holders: E27
Lighting corners: Horizontal 120, vertical 105
Optical communication: 480 – 500 (Lm)
Light color: White,Gold
Color coefficient: 65-70 (Ra)
The voltage: 250V
Power: 5W
Grid frequency: 50 (Hz)
Current consumption: 90-305 VAC
Lifespan: 35.000H (hours)
Materials heat: Aluminum cap, face-protected PC.
Made in: Viet Nam
Warranty: 24 months
Students Against Macro LED  

The disease does not affect health but difficult to get children in school and everyday activities due to poor vision, can only see close objects clearly see the eye without distant objects.

To prevent myopia, in addition to learning proper sitting posture, diet must contain essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, not lack of green vegetables, excess sugars, fat is the creation of appropriate in the light of learning space & living is extremely important.
Regarding anti-myopia function: With natural white light, regular, continuous flashes, lights will create a steady bright areas do not harm the eye. On the other hand, no emission of UV light causing no harm skin or mucosal lesions. Lamps do not contain lead, mercury, no toxic emissions into the environment.
In addition,  anti-myopia LEDs  also high safety when using no heat scalded, not glass fragments, no heat radiation rentina, no infrared radiation.
Durability of  anti-access LEDs as standard International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) of up to 30,000 hours, 50 times incandescent bulbs, energy efficient compact bulb 10 times. In particular, products have been certified:
- Meets European standards for safety light for eyes.
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